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HCT Group celebrate a milestone 20th anniversary

Posted: 15 Jul 2019

June marked HCT Group’s 20th anniversary since our first Transport for London (TfL) contract.

The contract was for three mobility buses. In those days, buses in London were still not very accessible and the mobility services were additions to the regular network. They helped people who found mainstream bus services difficult to use to get out and about, providing the low floor vehicles with wheelchair access that are standard on mainstream buses now.

This isn’t the only thing that has changed in the twenty years since our first TfL contract; HCT Group has changed too. That first contract put us in a position to compete for TfL Red bus routes – winning our first, Route 153, in 2001. We now run 17 of London’s iconic red bus routes from our depots at Ash Grove and Walthamstow Avenue.

Our first contract with TfL also opened doors for us across the country and it has been a huge part of our success today. We expanded our services, grew financially, and established a name and reputation within the industry. We had to learn a very great deal – it was our first ever service using a commercial operator’s licence which set us in good stead for the future.

We are grateful for the frontline staff who keep our communities on the move, and for those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure all operations are running smoothly. Some have been with us since the beginning - pictured above is Janette Baxter, Peter Godsall and Baljeet Panesar. Not featured is Dai Powell, Frederick Thomas, Jon McColl, Parminder Khera, Adrian Jones, Anita Launchbury, Ian Lloyd Jones and Mary Elizabeth Delaney who have also been with HCT Group for 20 years.

To mark this milestone, Dai Powell has written a blog post about our social impact over the past two decades. To sum it up nicely, in the words of one of the first mobility bus drivers Fred Thomas, “Everyone that comes on the vehicle – treat them like your family.”